Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Visit to L&D

My worst fears started to come true last night. Around 10 pm I started to feel a little wet "down there". While the one side of my brain was worrying, the rational side kept saying "relax, it's just some discharge, perfectly normal". Only it wasn't. I was bleeding.

In about 2 minutes flat I peed, changed into jeans, grabbed my purse, told Hubby to put his jeans on, fed the cats and was out the door.

At my 18 week anatomy ultrasound my uterus was really contracted (a side effect of holding a bladder full of pee for a long time). It wouldn't relax and the tech couldn't get a clear shot of my placenta. She said that it was awfully close to my cervix, but couldn't be sure of its exact location. I was told by my Dr. to go straight to the hospital, do not stop and pass GO, if I experienced any bleeding at all.

So that's what we did last night. First let me say that babies must really like to screw with long weekends. Labour & Delivery (L&D) was full up - but they did manage to find me a bed. By then the bleeding was slowing down and thankfully I wasn't cramping at all.

I was of course panicked. Not in a freaking out in tears kind of way, but rather in an eerie calm sort of way (except for my shaking hands). The nurse went to put me on the monitor and had some trouble finding the Progeny's heartbeat. I was sure that it was all over. But she found it! And it was strong and steady. I was on the monitor for about an hour. He was a superstar. Lots of movement and the heartbeat stayed steady.

They wanted to do an ultrasound rather than a pelvic exam due to the potential risk of placenta previa, but there was no way to have a complete diagnostic scan done until the morning. Since they were really busy they debated keeping until morning or sending me home. The Doctor on call finally decided to take a peek at my cervix first. She did and it looked good.

Before sending me home she gave me a prescription for a second inhaler in hopes that will help with my allergic cough that I have developed in the past 2 weeks. Her theory is that I burst a blood vessel when I was coughing.

This morning I spoke with the nurse. The doctors have decided to wait until Tuesday for my ultrasound (again, most likely due to the long weekend). Until then, my butt will either be on the couch or in bed. Which sucks, but better safe than sorry.


rebecca said...

Oh, my heart dropped when I started reading your post fearing the worst. I'm so glad everything looks okay & they're watching you closely. Definitely better to take it easy to be on the safe side!

Sweet Georgia said...

I was so sorry to read about the bleeding. Try to take it easy over the weekend and I'll be looking for an update from you next week.

zengirl said...

Oh God! That was so scary to read-even scarier for you to experience. Absolutely stay in bed at all cost, till Tuesday at least! I'll be thinking of you. Glad to hear that your little one is strong and doing well! (HUGS)

womb for improvement said...

How scarey! But fantastic for a good looking cervix. Hang on in there dude.

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