Saturday, September 18, 2010

Glucose Tolerance Test = Frustration!

On Friday I had my glucose tolerance test booked for 10am. I don't work on Fridays so I've been trying to book all of my appointments and tests for Friday so I can cut down on the amount of work that I miss.

The day started out rushed. I was sleeping really well and I was really cozy so I didn't want to get up. When I finally did I had to rush around to make sure that I got the appointment on time.

I was dreading the test I've heard such horrible things about it. All I knew going in was that they were going to make me drink a really sweet orange drink then make me wait for an hour, and then draw my blood. I'm not a fan of really sweet things so I wasn't looking forward to it.

But it turns out the drink wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. It was still really sweet, and I would never drink it for pleasure, but I was expecting much worse. In actuality, it reminded me of the McDonald's orange drink.

So I drank it down and I waited, and waited. After about a 1/2 hour I started to feel dizzy, thank goodness that passed. At about 45 minutes the Progeny got really active. At about 1 hour 15 minutes I was starting to think that they had forgotten about me. I waited a little longer then I went up to the counter and asked them. "Oh no" she said "you have another 1/2 hour to go". Okay, so maybe my Dr. prefers a 2 hour test, not a 1 hour test.

I go back to my seat and continue reading my book. After a while I check the time. I drank my drink at 9:50 am - it was now 11:20am - that's 2.5 hours! I go up to the counter again. This time they take me back and draw my blood. Finally! I was really getting hungry.

I go about my business for the day (somewhat altered as I had lost an hour and a half). Later, after I get home I get a phone call. It's the lab. She tells me that I have to go back and re-do the test. My first thought was that I had failed the test. This shocked me! But no, she said that it was supposed to be a 1 hour test! Isn't that what I tried to tell them??

She said that I have to go back ASAP to get it done. I said that I would do it the next day (Saturday) and that it would be the most convenient for me to go back to the same lab. No problem, she said that she will fax over the info right away and that I wouldn't need an appointment.

So now it's Saturday morning. I make my way to the lab to re-do this unpleasant, time-sucking test. I find a parking spot and climb the stairs and lo and behold. They're closed for the weekend! Don't you think they could have told me that when they called yesterday??? Now I'll have to take time off work on Monday to go and do this.

Not happy!


E.B. said...

I'm sorry to hear that!
I just had the test done this past week and like you, I expected much worse. I got very nauseous 10 minutes after drinking it and immediately was scared to lose it and have to do it again. Hope they get it right this time!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry they made you redo the test! What a mixup!

Sweet Georgia said...

Sorry about the screwup, what a mess. I hope you pass the test!

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