Monday, September 27, 2010

Is It The Water?

A few weeks ago I vented my frustrations on how a friend of mine from high school is now pregnant with her 3rd unplanned child with 3 dads. You can read it all again here. Well dear readers, it has happened again.

I just received an e-mail from another friend from high school, who also happens to already be a single mom, announcing her pregnancy (also unplanned with dad #2).

What the Hell is going on? I know that I haven't raised any kids (yet), but I also know that it's not easy. It's a huge commitment! Plus, we're not young anymore, we're 37 years old! I would have thought that both of these women would have learned from their past mistakes and taken the necessary precautions.

I hate admitting that I'm not happy for them, but I'm not. They're already sending me e-mails about wanting to share pregnancy stories, etc and, quite frankly, I'm not interested.

My husband and I tried for years to get pregnant. We lost our first pregnancy and had to spend thousands of dollars to achieve this pregnancy. I know so many of you have struggled longer and had even harder journeys on your path to parenthood. I just can't be happy for these 2 women.

Yes, I'm a little bitter. Yes, that's a little immature, well maybe a lot immature. I just don't understand how the world works. Why some are made to suffer so much while others don't appreciate what they have.

I do want to clarify one thing. I am happy for my friends when they get pregnant especially when I know that they have been trying to get pregnant (whether the pregnancy takes 1 cycle or 25!). But I have a hard time being happy when the pregnancy is unplanned and the woman is not in a place to have a baby (be it because of relationship, money issues, personal issues, whatever).

Maybe the lesson for us Infertiles is this: don't be stable, work a string of crappy jobs, go out and party and drink every single weekend, sleep with lots of men, don't settle down and BOOM - you'll see your BFP!

PS - Thanks for reading. I promise to be less of a grump the next time an unplanned pregnancy bomb lands in my inbox!


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