Thursday, September 16, 2010

Showing Off My Creative Side

I've never hid the fact that I am freaked out that we will lose this baby. It's hard to think positive when your only other pregnancy experience ended in miscarriage (and I only had 1, so many of you have lost several). Even now I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop (but it is getting better).

So I put off buying anything for our baby, and put it off and put it off. I just couldn't imagine rushing out to buy clothing and furniture and then having to look at it everyday if we had another loss.

A few weeks ago I went out with some of the gals from the office to paint pottery. I used to paint pottery pretty regularly a few years ago. I really enjoy it and I find it relaxing, plus it allows me to explore my creative side. But eventually you run out of things to paint. How many mugs does one person really need?

I arrived early to the studio to take a look around and to figure out what I should paint. As I looked at the shelves and at all the plates, mugs, candle sticks, etc. I found a gem. A sock monkey bank! How could I resist? I could finally buy something for the baby's room.

And here it is:

He will eventually reside in the baby's room - for now he sits on the dining room table until our bedroom renos are done. It's handy to have a place for all of our pennies.

We can now check off one more thing on the to-do list for baby: start college fund - check!


rebecca said...

Oh, he is so adorable!!! I completely understand what you mean about waiting for the shoe to drop. I think I'll probably be 35+wks pregnant before I ever buy anything for a baby again! That is if I ever even get pregnant step at a time!
Hope you're able to enjoy this baby and buy lots of adorable stuff soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey,
I stumbled over your blog today and I just had to tell you I'm enjoying your blog. Your awesome. I became a follower and I'm looking forward to keeping up and leaving comments. I hope you will check out my blog, and become a follower. I have a button, and I'd like to add you to my blog roll. I hope you have a lovely weekend. God Bless You and Yours


Sweet Georgia said...

The bank is so adorable! Great work. I know what you mean about being cautious, I'm glad you were able to make the step to having something for when the baby comes.

Michelle said...

So cute! I love painting pottery (but then again I am a crafter) and have actually been to the pottery place you painted this at.

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