Friday, October 22, 2010

Kick Counts and Movement

By now I have reached the point in my pregnancy when the Dr. wants me to do regular kick counts. What's a "kick count" you ask? In a nutshell I'm to pick an hour of the day when the baby tends to be the most active (so mornings are out for us) and keep track of all of the baby's kicks and movements until I reach 10 in 1 hour.

I will freely admit that I am not being very diligent about this. The Progeny and I have made our own arrangement: he gives me a boot first thing in the morning to assure me that he's okay, I let him do his own thing for a few hours, then he lets me know that he's okay by moving at least once an hour after that. So far, it's worked out okay.

Admittedly I'm still very cautious and superstitious about this pregnancy. I know that I have had it fairly easy during the pregnancy itself and I am grateful. I guess when your only other pregnancy ends in a loss, you become conditioned to expect the worst. There are too many other women out there who have experienced more loss than I have, even so, I know they understand how I feel. For me, every movement is precious.

Maybe because this is my first pregnancy (that has reached the point where I can feel movement), but I will never get tired of feeling my baby move around. And that got me to wondering: Is movement always special for a mother?

Hubby's grandmother gave birth (and was pregnant) 17 times (there is some rumour amongst the family that she was actually pregnant 19 times). So I have to wonder, by which child does the movement stop being special - if at all? Does there come a time when she was just "oh boy, here we go again"? Or do you think that even with child #17 she would put her hand on her belly and be in awe of the life inside of her? With 16 other kids did she even have the time? And why can she be so fertile?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is my wedding anniversary (well okay, I share it with Hubby). It's #14 for us. So, in honour of such a special day I thought that I would finally post a pic of us.

Don't we look awesome?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't forget grumpy & hormonal

I hope I'm not like this, no really, I do, sort of.

Friday, October 8, 2010

30 Week Ultrasound

This morning I went for my f/u ultrasound to find out my fate. 5 weeks ago after experiencing some bleeding, an ultrasound revealed that I have an extremely low-lying placenta. If the placenta stayed where it was, I would most likely end up on bed rest.

Today the doctors wanted to take another look and see where it was. It's funny, I thought my dates with Wandy were a thing of the past - not so. Poor Hubby, Wandy has seen more action than he has since we started with the IVF.

The good news is that the placenta has indeed moved away from the cervix. Not much, but some. 5 weeks ago it was only 0.5 cm from the opening of the cervix. Today it was 1.2 cm away. I'm still not 100% out of the woods as they want to see it 2 cm away. The doctor that we talked to today said that they expect to see it move about 1 mm a week (for my American readers, 1 mm is about the thickness of a dime). It looks like I will be getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks from now until birth.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff. The baby! Once again he showed us how stubborn he is (more proof that they didn't switch embryos at the clinic). No matter what the technician tried, he would not move his hands away from his face - at all!

Our appointment was for 9:15 am, and our baby is not a morning person. I tried to give him a jump start by drinking lots of orange juice before our appointment, that didn't work.

But he was moving around a lot and at one point we got to see him blink and yawn. That was really cool! He is already head down (let's hope he stays that way). His heartbeat today was 163 bpm.

The pics aren't that great this time. Here's a profile shot - you can see his hands right in front of his face.

This pic shows how squished he is. You can see he has his feet, hands and face all together.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pregnancy Soundtrack

I was speaking to a client today at work and let her know about my upcoming maternity leave. This client and I have connected on a whole different level in, addition to being professionals that is. We both have a really quirky sense of humour that is often misinterpreted by many. I think this client may even be Busted Kate's long lost twin (that's a compliment Kate).

I let her know that I am planning a "Farewell Tour" of my clients before I leave and will get back to her so we can plan a lunch date. She laughed at me and the fact that I have named my mat leave. I told her that I debated calling it the "Hell Freezes Over Tour" but didn't think that many people would get the reference.

She said that I should be selling t-shirts.

And thus begun several e-mails that went back and forth between us all day making suggestions for tour names. This then evolved into suitable song names to describe pregnancy and labour.

We looked for album names for the tour and song names for the soundtrack. Here are some that we came up with:

Farewell Tour:
  • Slippery When Wet
  • Guess Who?
  • Dr. Feelgood
Pregnancy / Labour Soundtrack:
  • Hungry Like the Wolf
  • I Like Big Butts
  • I wanna be sedated
Okay, so the list is small, but we're just getting started. Please add your suggestions in the comments!

Cluttered House = Cluttered Mind?

I think that there's something that you need to know about me. I hate to write a blog post for the sake of writing a blog post. So sometimes it may be a few days between posts. I like to be inspired and that sometimes happens when I can't blog. Then I have to rely on my memory - and that's not very reliable anymore.

So please forgive my lack of posts. Lately my mind has not been focused on anything as we go through home renovations. People keep telling me to post photos of the renos in progress and, truth be told, the mess and clutter and general disarray in the house is something that I would rather not record for posterity. And tell me - how does the dust from the work on the 2nd floor find its way to the basement? How? How?

After a mini-meltdown last week when I got home from work and could not handle the amount of mess left by the carpenter, Hubby has now instructed me to sit on the couch in the basement until he gets home to tidy. Which sounds great, except when I get home from work (at least an hour before Hubby) I just want to remove any restricting panty hose and put on my PJ pants! We have compromised and I will wait a bit until the stress of work is behind me before adding on the stress of the mess!

I think what bothers me the most about the clutter and mess is that I'm not supposed to be doing any house work. Not that I'm a big fan of housework, but I hate seeing the drywall dust everywhere!

The good news is that the bulk of the work *should* be done by tomorrow so hopefully with the clutter gone from my house, it will be gone from my brain as well!

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