Friday, October 22, 2010

Kick Counts and Movement

By now I have reached the point in my pregnancy when the Dr. wants me to do regular kick counts. What's a "kick count" you ask? In a nutshell I'm to pick an hour of the day when the baby tends to be the most active (so mornings are out for us) and keep track of all of the baby's kicks and movements until I reach 10 in 1 hour.

I will freely admit that I am not being very diligent about this. The Progeny and I have made our own arrangement: he gives me a boot first thing in the morning to assure me that he's okay, I let him do his own thing for a few hours, then he lets me know that he's okay by moving at least once an hour after that. So far, it's worked out okay.

Admittedly I'm still very cautious and superstitious about this pregnancy. I know that I have had it fairly easy during the pregnancy itself and I am grateful. I guess when your only other pregnancy ends in a loss, you become conditioned to expect the worst. There are too many other women out there who have experienced more loss than I have, even so, I know they understand how I feel. For me, every movement is precious.

Maybe because this is my first pregnancy (that has reached the point where I can feel movement), but I will never get tired of feeling my baby move around. And that got me to wondering: Is movement always special for a mother?

Hubby's grandmother gave birth (and was pregnant) 17 times (there is some rumour amongst the family that she was actually pregnant 19 times). So I have to wonder, by which child does the movement stop being special - if at all? Does there come a time when she was just "oh boy, here we go again"? Or do you think that even with child #17 she would put her hand on her belly and be in awe of the life inside of her? With 16 other kids did she even have the time? And why can she be so fertile?


Sweet Georgia said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling the baby move and that it is so special. I feel the same way. I love feeling her move and seeing my belly gyrate.

My Grandma had 11 kids and I know that it wasn't necessarily a happy occasion when she got pregnant near the end of the 11. She loves all of her children, but they weren't particularly well off and times were rough. I think that the spark of excitement had definitely worn off, but that there was still a little joy - if that makes any sense.

Michelle said...

Feeling the baby move is something I adored through the entire pregnancy. And is the biggest thing I miss now that Connor is here. I don't think I could ever get tired of feeling the tiny human growing inside me moving around.

I was never very diligent about doing "proper" kick counts. I did them periodically but towards the end I became more concerned about movements and found I did them more often. Connor and I had the same agreement - make sure you kick regularly and we won't have any problems :)

Busted Kate said...

A belated happy anniversary!!!

17 times!? Holy crow, that's amazing. Too bad she didn't have all those kids now, she'd get a TV show out of it.

I worry my guy isn't moving enough, I do get these little taps throughout the day... Did your doc say how long it was supposed to take to get to 10?

Pregnant Yuppy said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't do kick counts regularly.

Kate ~ I think you need a minimum of 6 within 2 hours. We always manage about 9 within an hour. There are a ton of apps for your phone that will keep a record for you.

Kacy said...

I have a slightly opposing view to baby's movement. Yes, I do think it is truly special and definitely reassuring as a mother. But, for me it has become a bit tiring. I don't mind the few times an hour, but when Lucky throws a tantrum in there, it hurts A LOT! The physical pain together with the constant movement for hours is physically and mentally exhausting for me. I must also say that I may have a budding soccer star in there or something because I am quite prone to prolonged accelerations. Maybe that just goes with the territory of the last 3 weeks though too. Who knows, I am definitely not a pro at this.

As for the kick counts. Don't feel bad, I don't do them regularly either. I think that might drive me crazy. I only do them when I think the normal movements have subsided and that I should be counting. It eases my mind anyway.

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