Friday, January 7, 2011

"Those Parents"

I hate admitting it, I really do.  It seems that I've become one of "those parents".

Remember the days before having kids when you would watch other parents and silently say to yourself "I'm never going to let my kid to that".  Trust me, you will.

It started shortly after arriving home from the hospital.  Nathan is a champion pooper but he hates to have his diaper changed.  He hates it so much that we would change his diaper as a way to fully wake him up before he eats.  So even though we know that he has a dirty diaper, if he's sleeping we don't change him.  I said to my mom when she was here "I never thought that I would be one of those parents who let their kid stay in a dirty diaper".  To her credit, Mom didn't say anything but gave me a sly smile.

So what other things have I done (or not done)?  Let see:

  • Baths.  Nathan hates them.  It takes 2 of us to do it quickly so he's only had 2 since coming home.  (Before you think that we're really horrible parents, he does get sponge baths).
  • Clean.  Thankfully we have people who come to our house on a weekly basis to dust, vacuum, and scrub toilets.  If not for them the house would look disgusting.  As it is I haven't yet de-Christmassed the house (a task that is normally done on January 1st).
  • Get dressed.  Referring to me.  Nathan usually goes through a few outfits a day.  For me it's a big step if I take of my PJ pants and put on sweat pants.  I hardly leave the house anymore - why bother getting dressed.
So far the list is small, but I have a feeling that it will be growing as Nathan grows.  Will I be that mom in a restaurant whose kid has a dirty face?  Will I develop selective hearing and not hear my kid as he throws a tantrum in the mall?

Oh the changes that we go through!


Alex said...

This post cracks me up. You're going through so much figuring out the new parents thing - of course things don't happen the way you expected! And don't worry about silling things like dressing and cleaning - just enjoy that time with your boy!

Waiting Lisa said...

I never clean. It looks like a teenager moved into my bedroom. I throw all my clothes on the floor.

I also wear pjs A LOT....and Jay is 4 months now.

Jayden used to hate baths, but now he loves them. Hopefully Nathan will make the switch. Jayden also used to HATE diaper changes. One of us used to crinkle the wipes bag loudly to distract him while the other quickly changed him.

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