Thursday, March 31, 2011

Embryo Transfer Remembered

Last year on this day, 3 sub-par embryos were transferred into my uterus.  Although 24 eggs had been retrieved only 3 days prior, the chances of a pregnancy were very slim.

19 of the eggs were mature.  ICSI was recommended and even then only 13 eggs fertilized.  Each day when the embryologist called her report was worse than the day before.  On top of that I was at great risk of having the embryo transfer cancelled altogether due to OHSS.  If that were the case then we would most likely not have any embryos to freeze.

Given the state of our embryos, the RE's agreed to allow the transfer.  Given the state of my embryos, they agreed to transfer 3.

After it was all said and done we went out to eat.  This is what we got at the restaurant:

How right they were!


Andrea said...

Love it!

Alex said...

This is so sweet - love this!

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