Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 Month Update

*I started to write this post several days ago*

I'm trying to be a better blogger, I really am.  It's just that I usually have to type with only one hand as my other hand is either holding a baby or giving a cat a belly rub.  Right now is one of those very rare moments when the Babe is actually napping!  (Picture the heavens opening and the angels singing).

The Babe turned 4 months old on Saturday.  He is doing great developmentally.  He laughs, he chats, he reaches for things, and everything he grabs goes right into his mouth.  We started him on cereal last week.  He still could not care less about sharing his space with the 2 cats, and the cats would rather not get to close to him either.

I'm doing great as well.  It took me a while but I have now figured out how to get the 2 of us ready and out the door before 10am.  You see the trick is to NOT watch morning t.v. shows.  If you get up, feed the cats, eat, and get dressed and not watch an hour long decorating show, you're actually less likely to be caught still in your PJs and a bathrobe by the mailman at noon.  Although some days you will find me like that, it all depends on what kind of night I had.

Speaking of nights, the Babe is doing well by sleeping about 6 hours at a time.  Usually from about 8:30 pm until about 2:30 am.  Then I'll change him and feed him and put him back in his crib.  But unfortunately he doesn't sleep for another 6 hours.  Instead he'll sleep until about 5:30 am or 6:00 am.  Then I'll change him and feed him and put him back in his crib.  Most days he will sleep until 7:30 am, and then he's up.  I have discovered that if I bring him into my bed at 6:30 am to feed him, then lay him beside me that he will usually sleep until 8:30 am or 9 am.  So if I've had a particularly rough night (some nights I have trouble sleeping), this is what I will do.

Today he had his 4 month vaccinations.  At 2 months he screamed bloody murder for about 15 minutes afterwards.  Needless to say, I was not looking forward to today.  I even tried to convince Hubby that he should skip out of work so he could come too.  But my little boy has grown up a lot in 2 months.  Today he only cried for a couple of minutes and actually accepted my comforting.  What a relief!

There were 2 other baby boys there that were born on the same day as Nathan.  I swear that Nathan was half of their size!  OMG they looked so huge by comparison!  Big or small, I think my Little Man is perfect!


Alex said...

I love all the pics, especially the one with the sunglasses! He's so very cool!!!

Sweet Georgia said...

Soundslike you have a great baby! I am glad to hear that the 4 month shots weren't too bad, we are going for Little G's shots on Monday.

Great photos too! He is adorable!

Andrea said...

He is SERIOUSLY one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.

PCOSChick said...

What a cutie!! And those shades, what a babe magnet!

Waiting Lisa said...

I do the same thing. If I bring Jay into bed with us in the early morning hours, he will definitely sleep longer. You do what you gotta do!!

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