Friday, May 27, 2011

All About Poop!

The Babe & I are leaving tomorrow to visit my parents for a couple of weeks.  WiFi does not exist there (well it does, but there are no open networks).  So I may not be able to update for a while.

Obviously my son knows that I need to write a post before we go, so he fell asleep in his bouncy chair while I was eating my cereal.  This never happens.  Of course we are in the family room in the basement so I can't go upstairs (2 flights) to have a shower or anything, and I don't dare move him.  So I sit here watching crappy daytime t.v. (with the volume really low), and trying to catch up on my blogs.

The problem I'm having is that I don't know what to say.  Truly the only thing on my mind today relates directly to the epic poopy diaper that I had to deal with earlier.  I could write a whole post about that, but then I would have to re-classify my blog and put a questionable content warning up.  Trust me, it was epic.  So epic that it posed a strong argument to keep him exclusively breast fed until he's potty trained.  So epic that for the first time I questioned my decision to use cloth diapers.  So epic that he needed a bath after.  So epic that even after the bath there was still some poop IN HIS BELLY BUTTON!

But I'm sure that you don't want to hear about poop.  Since I've been traumatized by poop today I'm going to have to stop posting for now.  Maybe after a couple of counseling sessions I'll get over it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Identity

I've been the "Pregnant Yuppy" since March 2008.  That's over 3 years of being pregnant.  Even elephants get to stop after only 2.  So it's long overdue that I embrace the new me.  The mom me.  But I'm still a yuppy.

So I am now officially "Yuppy Mom".

I will be looking for a new layout and design for my blog as well.  So far nothing has jumped out at me.  Feel free to send me your suggestions!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Famous!

Guess who's being featured this week over at Stress Free Infertility?  Moi! I am now what is considered to be an infertility success story - which, trust me, is a lot better than just being an Infertile.  You can read my story from BFN to BFP here.

When you're an Infertile you dread the question "So when are you guys going to have kids?"  After close to 14 years of marriage I had begun to run out of witty, yet polite responses.  I'm sorry to say that even after becoming parents the questions don't end there.  Now people ask "When are you going to have another one?"  To that I reply "Never".

Oh don't get me wrong, I love my little man and I miss being pregnant, but all through our TTC struggle and infertility treatments all I asked for was 1 healthy child.  And that is what I got.  He deserves a mom who isn't stressed all the time from TTC again.  Besides, I can not imagine having to get up to feed & change 2 babies in the middle of the night.  One is definitely enough for me!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Skinny Boy

Although he has no scheduled medical appointments until June, I thought that it would be a good idea to bring Nathan to drop in day at our local health centre to get him weighed and measured.  I try to plan an outing each day (mostly so I don't go stir crazy).

At his 4 month vaccinations the PHN (public health nurse) was concerned about his weight, concerned that he does not weigh enough.  She also gave me a lecture for giving him rice cereal.  She insisted that I bring him back in 2 weeks to be weighed again.  So I did.  In 2 weeks he gained 15 ounces!  That's my boy!

Fast forward to this week (3 weeks later), and my boy has only gained 6 ounces.  Yikes!  He also hasn't gotten any taller since his 4 month visit.  I'm not surprised that he is the same height. He hasn't outgrown any of his clothes in a while.  But only 6 ounces - should I worry?

She really wanted to refer me to a doctor, but I declined.  I figure that he is hitting all of the developmental milestones and he is so happy that he can't be hungry.  Plus, I have his 6 month check up in 3 weeks.  Nathan is a healthy baby, he just isn't a chubby one.  So we compromised and I promised to bring him back next week for another weigh in.

I had already planned to start him on oatmeal in the mornings so my timing is good.  That will bring him to 2 meals of cereal (oatmeal and rice) each day.  And boy does he love oatmeal!  He starts to scream if I don't get it in fast enough.  After a week of this I'm sure he will have gained some.

For reference, there aren't a lot of rolls, but you can clearly see some baby man-boobs there.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Month Update

Things have been going well for us.  Hubby has accepted a new job and was able to take a week off in between.  It has been so great having him home.  It really makes me wish that we were independently wealthy so he could be home all of the time.  Instead I guess we'll have to hold out until we win the lottery (reminder: buy a lottery ticket).

We recently switched our cable t.v. provider to get a better rate.  Not only does our rate drop, but we get more channels.  One of the new channels is called Baby T.V.  Nathan loves it.  While I don't advocate using the t.v. as a babysitter for your child, it does allow me enough time to eat breakfast (or update my sorely neglected blog).

I am starting to get lonely throughout the day.  I try to plan some sort of outing each day so that I don't go stir crazy.  I've been trying to find playgroups in my neighbourhood too, but those that I have found are ending right away for the summer.  Bummer.  There is a kinder music class nearby that I can sign up for though for the month of July.  Once we have our summer plans finalized I may do that.  I think it's time that Nathan starts to make friends with other babies.

I wasn't able to bring him to get weighed on his 5 month birthday so I will do that this week instead.  I think he's gained some weight, but I don't think he's gotten much taller.  A couple of months ago it seemed like he was outgrowing his clothes every couple of weeks.  Now it seems like he is wearing them a lot longer.

Developmentally the biggest milestone is that Nathan has discovered the cats!  He watches them with great interest and will even reach out to touch them when they are near.  The cats seem to tolerate this now, we'll see what they do when Nathan is mobile!

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