Friday, May 27, 2011

All About Poop!

The Babe & I are leaving tomorrow to visit my parents for a couple of weeks.  WiFi does not exist there (well it does, but there are no open networks).  So I may not be able to update for a while.

Obviously my son knows that I need to write a post before we go, so he fell asleep in his bouncy chair while I was eating my cereal.  This never happens.  Of course we are in the family room in the basement so I can't go upstairs (2 flights) to have a shower or anything, and I don't dare move him.  So I sit here watching crappy daytime t.v. (with the volume really low), and trying to catch up on my blogs.

The problem I'm having is that I don't know what to say.  Truly the only thing on my mind today relates directly to the epic poopy diaper that I had to deal with earlier.  I could write a whole post about that, but then I would have to re-classify my blog and put a questionable content warning up.  Trust me, it was epic.  So epic that it posed a strong argument to keep him exclusively breast fed until he's potty trained.  So epic that for the first time I questioned my decision to use cloth diapers.  So epic that he needed a bath after.  So epic that even after the bath there was still some poop IN HIS BELLY BUTTON!

But I'm sure that you don't want to hear about poop.  Since I've been traumatized by poop today I'm going to have to stop posting for now.  Maybe after a couple of counseling sessions I'll get over it.


Alex said...

Oh no! That epic poop sounds awful! Have a wonderful time with your parents - we'll be here waiting when you get back!

Chelle (hanwayink) said...

oh we get similar poops here ... epic epic EPIC. often when we're out too, adding another dimension to the nasty.

enjoy the trip to your parents - we're headed on a similar adventure ourselves :)

Dana said...

I havent experienced that yet! Sounds horribly epic!

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