Friday, May 20, 2011

Skinny Boy

Although he has no scheduled medical appointments until June, I thought that it would be a good idea to bring Nathan to drop in day at our local health centre to get him weighed and measured.  I try to plan an outing each day (mostly so I don't go stir crazy).

At his 4 month vaccinations the PHN (public health nurse) was concerned about his weight, concerned that he does not weigh enough.  She also gave me a lecture for giving him rice cereal.  She insisted that I bring him back in 2 weeks to be weighed again.  So I did.  In 2 weeks he gained 15 ounces!  That's my boy!

Fast forward to this week (3 weeks later), and my boy has only gained 6 ounces.  Yikes!  He also hasn't gotten any taller since his 4 month visit.  I'm not surprised that he is the same height. He hasn't outgrown any of his clothes in a while.  But only 6 ounces - should I worry?

She really wanted to refer me to a doctor, but I declined.  I figure that he is hitting all of the developmental milestones and he is so happy that he can't be hungry.  Plus, I have his 6 month check up in 3 weeks.  Nathan is a healthy baby, he just isn't a chubby one.  So we compromised and I promised to bring him back next week for another weigh in.

I had already planned to start him on oatmeal in the mornings so my timing is good.  That will bring him to 2 meals of cereal (oatmeal and rice) each day.  And boy does he love oatmeal!  He starts to scream if I don't get it in fast enough.  After a week of this I'm sure he will have gained some.

For reference, there aren't a lot of rolls, but you can clearly see some baby man-boobs there.


Dana said...

are you breast or bottle feeding? If you are breastfeeding have you had him weighed before and after eating on a very sensitive scale? Check out my blog with Elliott's one month and 2 month photos. I had to begin to supplement 2 oz after every feeding at one month. He gained 3.5 lbs!!! At his 2 month visit she said I could go back to just the breast. Im worried too though.

Nancy said...

My 6 month old is also really petite, he weighs only 11.5 lbs. but the pediatrician hasn't said anything about it, so I figured he is ok

Alex said...

All the cereal eating must be fun! He's so cute!!!

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