Friday, June 3, 2011

More Trauma

I started the Babe on solids at 4 months. At first just a bit of rice cereal once a day. At 5 months I introduced oatmeal and added a meal. Now at close to 6 months he has tried sweet potatoes and banana as well.

When he was exclusively breast fed he would have a poop first thing in the morning, and maybe another one later in the day. Unfortunately now he's not as regular. I blame the iron in the oatmeal.

The other day, you may recall, I was traumatized by his first "real food" poop. I'm still not over it, and yet the traumatic experiences keep coming.

We're currently visiting my parents and while here are using disposable diapers. Today I experienced my first true diaper blow out. Right down the leg of his sleeper.

Not only was I grossed out, the Babe was truly upset and was really crying. You have to understand, he's a lot like his mom and isn't much of a cryer. After the blowout, while I was trying to figure out how to change him and not get poop everywhere, he started to meltdown.

With my dad's help we got him into the kitchen sink for an unscheduled bath. Soon after he was squeaky clean.

One other thing about the "real food" poop that I hate is the lack of predictability. He might poop today, or he might not. I hesitate to leave the house if he hasn't pooped yet. I don't want to get caught out somewhere when he does the big one!

Because he's not as regular you can sure tell when he is going to poop. His face goes so red his whole head looks like a giant pimple! And the grunts! Sometimes it's easy to forget that he's not yet 6 months old.

So I'm thinking his next new food should contain a lot of fibre.

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Debbie said...

Don't be held back by your son's poops. Just bring a change of clothes, a container of wipes, and diapers. My first daughter had poop in her NECK it had traveled up so high! AS long as he's happy, just go with the flow!

Alex said...

That blowout sounds awful! I guess this is why they suggest a change of clothes in the diaper bag... Crazy!

Three Cats and a Baby said...

Those damn disposable diapers! We've only ever had one poop issue like that and it was in a disposable! It never happens in the cloth!

I know what you mean through. I am always thankful when he goes before we leave the house. It's never fun changing those diapers in public.

phyjess said...

This one made me LOL! I've really enjoyed reading your blog regularly for more than 18 months now. Just wanted to let you know I'm here and interested/appreciative...
My husband and I were suffering with infertility treatments when I found out I was finally pregnant after years trying, and only 4 or 5 weeks after you posted the BFP. I check in occasionally, less often now that the little one is here (girl, 4 months 3 weeks, healthy and all smiles!) and it's nice to see that you have time to post in between my visits. We just started solids so it sounds like things will get even more interesting than they already are in the poop department. Though I'm holding out hope that Nathan is a more accomplished pooper than my delicate little flower Teagan (fingers crossed, ha ha). Every week it's something new and amazing so it sounds like we're both going through the same thing as usual! Thanks for all your posts and thoughts.

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