Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Halloween, Don't be Cheap!

It's Halloween!  And unless you live in the eastern part of North America, it's going to be a pretty nice fall day.  (sorry, Nor'easterners, I don't feel bad for you.  I've trick or treated in -20C weather with snow up to my waist as a child.  It's called building character).

Expect to see photos of Nathan on his first Halloween in a day or two, but that's not what I wanted to write about today.

I've been reading a blog written by a former friend.  While we are no longer friends, I still care about her family.  She's been blogging about how much debt they have and how they are trying to climb out from under it (I debated sharing the link, but I don't think that she knows I've been reading).  I do feel really bad for them.  It's definitely hard to raise kids on a budget and I can't imagine trying to raise 3 kids while having $500K in debt!

So the other day she writes about how they are cutting back.  One way that they are cutting back is by not buying any Halloween candy.  They fully intent to take their 3 kids door to door to collect candy, but they are not going to reciprocate to the other children in the neighbourhood.

I have no problem if you do not want to hand out Halloween candy.  I truly don't.  Turn off your porch light and be done with it.  But I do have a problem with accepting candy from others for your 3 kids, and not handing any out in return.  If you want your kids to have the experience but don't want to take part in it yourself, then take them to the mall to Trick or Treat.

I also have a problem when people say that it's "too expensive".  That's crap.  You don't have to buy expensive candy to give out (like chocolate bars or potato chips), there are other candies out there. Plus, if you wait until a couple of days before Halloween, it's always on sale.

This year I spent a whopping $1 on our Halloween candy!  Last month the grocery store was clearing out their stock of freezies, so I bought a bag.  I've handed them out in the past and the kids love them. Sometimes you just have to be creative!

Have a great (and safe) Halloween!


Andrea said...

Freezies! I've never thought of that! If I hadn't just bought my candy this weekend I'd definitely do that! Brilliant!

I agree - if they aren't going to hand candy out they shouldn't be taking their kids out trick or treating. It sends the wrong message to the kids IMO.

The weather here in Ottawa is pretty good too - Enjoy taking Nathan out for his first Hallowe'en experience!

Alex said...

I completely agree with you, it's a strange concept going out to take candy from others without being willing to buy candy for others. Have fun this Halloween - cant wait to see pics!

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