Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Okay folks, I don't have a lot of time here.  The Babe is down for a nap and has a nasty habit of waking up just as I start to get productive (you know, like when I eat lunch or something).  So let me catch you up on my life since my last post.

You already know that I started back to work and that Nathan doesn't like to be left at Daycare.  Hmm, maybe you don't.  Okay - January 3rd I started back to work.  Nathan cries every single time I leave him at daycare.  Which really sucks because I know that he likes to play with the other kids there.  At first we would distract him and I would sneak away, that worked a few times.  Then he caught on.  Now it's harder and harder to leave him.  I usually end up sitting there with him for 20 - 30 minutes while he settles in.  He still cries when I leave but only for a few minutes.  The one day that I couldn't do that he cried for hours.

So 2 weeks into the new year, and me back at work, Hubby gets laid off.  This came as a total shock to us as he works for a very large and stable company.  Basically they have acquired a couple of new divisions and had some duplication of work and they opted to lay off the people in our city.  It was a small layoff, only a handful of people, but it was still a shock.  He hadn't been there a year yet so there was no severance or anything.  But, on the bright side, I don't have to take Nathan to daycare anymore!

It's no big secret that I don't really like my job.  Well, that's not entirely true, I do like my job, but I'm over it.  I've been there since 2002 and it was time for some new challenges several years ago.  So I suggested to Hubby that we use his layoff as an opportunity to potentially relocate.  We have no family where we live, and Nathan is not in school yet, so now is a good time to move.  He isn't limiting his search to out of province but he has expanded it there.

So you haven't heard from me lately (unless you follow me on Twitter) because I am now 1- working full time, 2 - spending my time at home with Nathan so Hubby gets a break and can search for work, and 3 - I'm more exhausted than ever!  Believe me I'd love to be using this blog as an outlet for what's happening, but I never get computer time at home anymore and my darn morals and ethics won't let me use company time to blog!  I could blog from my phone but I have way too much to say for that tiny keyboard.

I promise to try to do better to keep you updated on what's happening.  Right now we're in hurry up and wait mode.

I will leave you of a recent photo of my beloved progeny, helping me with the laundry.


Angela said...

sorry about the job loss, but maybe it will turn out to be a better situation if you both find something you enjoy.

Alex said...

Great to hear from you! That sucks that the hubby lost his job, but wonderful that he can use this time to spend with Nathan. I hope he finds something wonderful in a place where both of you will love!

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