Wednesday, July 11, 2012

* Warning * Gross Photos Posted

On Monday when I picked Nathan up from his dayhome I noticed a few red marks on his leg. I asked his caregiver (who also happens to be a licensed nurse) if they were bug bites or an allergy. She had a look a said "definitely bug bites".

Fast forward to that night. The house was extremely hot and Nathan was cranky and not sleeping. Around 2 am I brought him to the basement to watch some t.v. and to cool down. I noticed that he was scratching his other leg My thought went to: bed bug bites (thank you mainstream news) or chicken pox (but he was vaccinated).

By morning his legs were worse and he and I were supposed to fly out to visit my parents. Hoping that I was overreacting we left anyway. On the plane his spots spread. Now there were several on his feet and some on his arms.

When we arrived we went to a medical clinic. Other than the spots starting on his extremities instead of his torso, the doctor said that it sure looked liked the chicken pox. In fact, they had seen several cases recently of vaccinated kids getting the chicken pox.

So we're on vacation at my parents and stuck at home. At least it's air conditioned!

In case you are need of a good scratch:

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Alex said...

Oh no!!! That sucks that he got the chicken pox after being vaccinated! What's the point??? Hope you have a nice relaxing time with your parents, even if you can't go anywhere...

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