Friday, February 15, 2013

Possible Changes Ahead - Thank you Trolls!

If you are reading this I thank you for not abandoning my blog (as I apparently have).  I have no real excuse for not posting more often, at least not one that you have heard a million times already.  The truth is that I really enjoy this blog and my followers and I have been feeling a lot of guilt for neglecting you all.  

Today I decided that I should at least check my inbox, which is even more neglected than my blog.  In it was a very nicely worded letter from a lawyer asking me to remove a comment on this post (which I gladly did).  Apparently the trolls and hackers were more aware of my own blog than me. That's just not right!

I made a conscious decision when I created this blog not to hide my contact information or to moderate the comments.  Now I am rethinking that.  I should be able to write anything I want, without a troll trying to benefit from it.  My review of eSalon (or any other product), is something that I do without compensation or provocation.  If I want to tell you about something, I don't want to have to worry about the comments being potentially libelous.

Moving forward I will be seriously considering changing the security settings on this blog.  However, I also now pledge to be more active on my own page (and will maybe open my inbox more than once a quarter too).

For the record, I am still using eSalon for my hair colour.  I don't colour my hair very often and I always use a non-permanent colour.  Their product is great and I love that it is tailored for me.  I even told my stylist about it and she was very impressed.

Also, I have a partially written post on my iPad that I will endeavour to finish this weekend.

Miss you all!


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