Saturday, April 20, 2013

Opinions are like a$$holes...

I am so *over* hearing unsolicited advice and comments about anything parenting related.  It's not like it even happens all that often, but I am over it.

We have kept the Babe rear facing.  Yes, you can legally turn your child to face forward when they are 1 year old, 22 pounds, and walking.  But you don't have to.  Studies have proven that rear facing is by far the safest for kids, and since the Babe doesn't have any issues with it, we haven't turned him.

Every.single.time that someone finds out that he is over 2 and still rear facing I hear a comment: 

"Oh, he's still rear facing??"
"Aren't his legs a little cramped?"
"I think he's a little squished."
"Shouldn't you have turned him by now?"

And so on.

So, every once in a while, in an attempt to educate these folks, I will post a article to my Facebook page on the benefits of extended rear facing (please note: the reason that I post the article is not to critique any one else, but rather to educate others on why I have made this decision).  And every time that I do, I get another comment.  I don't know why I haven't learned my lesson yet.  This is the link that I posted today:

Look, if you aren't parenting your kid the same why that I'm parenting mine, I'm cool with it.  But if you make a comment on my link questioning my choices, I'm going to respond.  And frankly, since it's my page, and my link, and my decision I'm going to be brutally frank.  More importantly, if it's about safety I'm going to quote stats, etc.  

If you don't like it, STFU.

Still rear facing and obviously not uncomfortable or "squished"


rebecca said...

Yes!!!! We have this same issue! Ian is 22mths and our pediatrician even told us to keep him rear facing because of his large head size and due to the research we've seen we plan to keep him this way as long as we can. We also get comments from everyone when they see he's still rear facing. So irritating!! Good for you for attempting to educate others and standing up for your decision!

Hope said...

I was forced to turn my daughter around at 22 months because she was smooshed (95% percentile for heigth = not much leg room) and I was SO upset about it. I wanted to keep her rear facing. Now I drive like a grandma. :-)

Andrea said...

I'm with you 100% - my DD will stay rear facing until she is WAY past 2yrs old. I've seen many pics of 3/4 year olds rear-facing with legs hanging over sides, etc. and I always say same - I'd rather she have a broken leg than a broken neck. Also? I just shared the link t that post on my FB page too :)

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